Camilo Huinca (1988), better known as Onlyjoke, lives in Santiago, Chile, and has divided his career between graphic design and painting. Well considered in underground art scene and visual media in town. Onlyjoke has accomplished, through codes, synthesis and just a few tools, a personal style of communication.

Camilo gathers in a familiar and funny way intimate moments or common circumstances in lower class neighborhoods. Onlyjoke’s portafolio, includes installation art both large and medium scale, murals, ceramic sculptures, printings and acrylic paintings, among other media.

Onlyjoke, develops his style within accurate and easy to identify situations, describing, with a few elements, relations, combats, affections and interests.

Onlyjoke has worked with several brands like: Nike, Jack Daniel’s, Puma, Fox, etc. Besides his personal work, Camilo is one of Perfe design studio co-founders and collaborator in various enterprises and local initiatives.


“The first time I saw Camilo’s work, I clearly noticed something different, a different vision from the rest of the designers I knew, a constant concern that reflect his interests and inspirations, a notion of new forms of expression and craft, not just on a clean graphics and communication skills, but also the craft that reveals a craftsmen, artist and designer behind each work.

Creative, friendly and great visual communicator, Camilo is capable of wandering from one format to another with a versatile vocabulary under an honest creative process, that it’s always visible in his end piece, either personal or commercial.

Camilo feeds his creative process with curiosity, craving influenced by the skateboarding culture and graphic design studies, that today are placed in continuos explorations, exhibitions and collaborations.”


Text by Cristian Ordoñez, Designer.
Photo by Nicolas Abalo



Solo Exhibitions

Keep Riding
Madhaus Gallery, Stgo, Chile
June 2014

Just the Vandals
La Plage, Pucón, Chile
January 2014


Group Exhibitions

Puma Kings
Centro Cultural GAM, Stgo, Chile
June 2013

Latin Lover Fest
Centro Cultural España, Stgo, Chile
November 2012




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